Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Letter to Secret Society

Dear Secret Society,

I really hope those two large sheet cakes were meant for Library X and not delivered to the wrong location. I looked for a secret message from you instructing me of the purpose and meaning behind their delivery. I waited for your voice-disguised call. I checked my email for encrypted messages. But you gave me nothing to go on.

I debated a long time (about ten minutes) on what to do. I took a poll to see if I should give the cake away without confirmation from you guys. The overwhelming majority (all three students) thought I should give the cake away. So that's what I did. I set a table out, put a table cloth down (tres chic), sliced the cakes up some, and then made an announcement that there was free cake. The cakes lasted ten minutes.

I really hope you meant for those cakes to come to Library X and not to some secret meeting at another location. I hope you all aren't standing around in your hooded robes waiting for your cakes to start the party.

Hugs and Kisses,
The Vampire Librarian

P.S. I saved a piece if you want it.

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Anonymous Woeful said...

Courteous as always...

4:53 PM, October 18, 2007  
Blogger Tiny Little Librarian said...

Man, we never get free cake at the public library! Not that I'd want to eat it, given the lack of hygiene of most of our patrons...

2:10 PM, October 21, 2007  

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