Friday, January 28, 2005

Ah, the Joys of the Overnight

Yesterday at 4:15am, a male student came stumbling into the library. He had on no coat, just a dress shirt and muddy pants. It was 30 degrees outside, but the boy probably wasn't feeling it due to all the alcohol he'd obviously consumed. I asked him he were okay. He said yeah and stumbled to the bathroom. I kept tabs on him because I wasn't really supposed to let drunk kids into the library, but have you ever tried herding drunks? I have. They're worse than cats.

Five minutes later, the boy stumbled out of the bathroom and collapsed into a chair and put his head between his knees. He stayed that way for the next two hours. At 6am, I'd let myself passively worry enough. I went over and roused the student, asked him if he wanted me to call anyone for him or get him anything. His eyes were bloodshot, he had drool coming out of his mouth, and he could barely manage to shake his head and mumble that he was fine. I went back to the circ desk and watched for a few more minutes and decided that enough's enough. I called university police and had a couple of officers collect him.

University police is pretty understanding to the the students. If you aren't harrassing anyone or causing trouble, they'll shuffle you off home and not press charges. I'm hoping that's what they did with this guy because he wasn't bothering anyone, just needed some looking after.

You know, when I decided to go into the library business, I didn't think I'd have to bounce people and do security checks. Wish I had a tazer, but my boss won't approve the requisition.


Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Who doesn’t like a pay increase?

I’m a happy little vampire. I just got word that my job has been re-classed into a higher pay band which means I got a raise! It’s a nice raise too. I’m smiling so big the fangs are showing.

The student workers have all been very good. I almost wish that we could use students the whole year, rather than hire someone full-time. I know they’re paying the students overtime to fill the shift, but in the end, it can’t be as expensive as a full-time person.

Monday, January 24, 2005


This will be a journal for me to talk about work and other interests.

Currently, I'm a lonely vampire librarian because my co-vampire decided to step into the light. This week I'm working with a revolving door of students who are being paid time and a half to sit with yours truly. Tonight was the first night, and I was pleasantly surprised by the two young misses that came. First, they arrived on time, and second, they were bright and cheerful. We'll see how tomorrow goes.