Friday, August 18, 2006


Ooops, sort of started the hiatus without telling you guys. I'll be back September 1st.

I'm taking a little vacation from work and blogging. School will be in full swing again when I'm back.

See you then.

Sunday, August 06, 2006

Mischief II

Update: The missing laptop was not missing. A staff person had it. Our IT guy told a student asst to check it out to the staff person, but the student wasn't up to the task. So nothing to worry about. All laptops are safe. Our doors on the other hand...

UZ Library Incident Reporting Form Submission

Incident date: 8/4/06
Incident time: 8:30pm
Exact location: 4th floor entrance
Reported to: The Boss
Department Name: Library X

Nature of Offense: A glass pane in Library X's front automatic-entry door was thoroughly cracked on Friday night. Student assistants were working at the circulation desk at the time. A woman, who apparently witnessed the incident, came into the library and told the students that boys were "play" fighting on the terrace, and one of them crashed into the door. The students called me at home and I asked them to call in UPD. The officer from UPD came to the library and took the police report. They put up a sign and police tape to prevent use of the door. The door was deemed secure enough to close the building at 10pm as usual. As far as we know, whoever caused the crack was not inside the library at any time. It seems unlikely that we will be able to determine if it was an accident or vandalism.

-------End of Report-------

The door was shattered. It looks dangerous to touch. No glass looks to have fallen, but a good nudge could change that. The student assts from that night say they didn't see or hear anything. It's hard to believe. For glass to be that destroyed, surely there would've been a sound, but I don't doubt the students assts.

Unfortunately, this was our handicap door so we have to keep an eye out for anyone needing assistance into the building, but on the bright side, it's our handicap door, so they'll rush the order to fix it.


Thursday, August 03, 2006

Only in the Library

Man Indicted in Library Toe-Sucking

There's really nothing more to say, except the "sociology project" scam has been used in Library X too. Threw out two guys one night who were going around hitting on girls claiming it was for a "sociology project". I doubt they were sociology majors, and if they really wanted to do research, they probably shouldn't have been sloppy drunk.

Toe-sucking, though, is on a totally 'nother level of squick.