Thursday, July 26, 2007

Dangerous Knowledge

Y'know, there's nothing like finding out after the fact that you yelled at a convicted rapist.

There should be some sort of warning on registered sex offender websites that says something to the effect, "Look at your own risk. You might recognize someone. And then how will you feel?"

I checked the sex offender website for my state the other day because the police were in looking for someone and wanted to know if he used the computers here and whatnot. They said he was a registered sex offender. I wanted to look him up and alert my co-workers to keep an eye out for him.

Instead, I found the picture of a temp that had briefly worked here, a temp that I broke down hard on for not doing his job. I really laid into this guy. Now I know he has been convicted of 4 counts of rape several years ago. Needless to say, I am extremely creeped out, a little scared, and going everywhere with my Mag-lite. I haven't seen the guy since I confronted him, and it was months ago during exams, but still, I am rattled.

I wish I hadn't found this out. The guy does not work at Library X anymore. I've told my boss about what I found, and he's going to look to see if the guy is still used anywhere on campus and alert others, but this does not erase the fact that I unknowingly got into the face of a rapist. It just freaks me out.


Thursday, July 19, 2007

Two things, One post

(This post has been updated to correct grievous errors.)

First thing, I discovered the other night that Katya has named me a Rockin' Girl Blogger. And I am humbled by her praise. Thanks, Katya. You already know you're rockin', but I'm not afraid to repeat it.

Who else is a Rockin' Girl Blogger?

Here are five I think deserve it:

1&2.The Writers Beware Blog's two awesome authors A.C. Crispin and Victoria Strauss: These two ladies are not afraid to scream SCAM! when they see one, even when the scammer threatens them. They're strong, fearless, and fierce AKA rockin'!

3.Feel-Good Librarian: 'Cause she doesn't like to wallow in the negative like I do. Reading her posts, reminds me that it is possible to remain a caring individual, even if you work in a library.

4.The Hot Librarian: Outrageously funny, and I love her drawings, though I'm wondering if she's been abducted by aliens again. UPDATE!

5.Happy Villain: I know she's already received this award, but I feel as though I can't trust myself to choose a new blogger. I mean really, would you trust me? Happy Villain, I'm so happy you're still blogging. You are great, but if you come on here and tell me you are actually an asexual Martian, I will never blog again. That will be it for me people. Finis. I have no right being on the interwebs.

Honorable mention: This Isn't Sydney's Spike: HE takes walks around Woy Woy, Australia, blogs about the area and takes nice pictures. It's a nice cyber vacation spot for me. (Spike kindly informed that though he rocks the blogosphere, he is still...a HE. And the egg on my face is literally frying with the heat of my blush. I cannot be trusted with memes.)

If you've been nominated, or even if you haven't, list five Rockin' Girl Bloggers on your site. Share the awesomeness. But make sure the bloggers are female...Not because guy bloggers aren't awesome, but because giving a guy a rockin' girl blogger award is just a little puzzling, and I should just shut up about this.

Second thing, The Cool Librarian is starting a blogroll for librarian's, which she'll maintain. I'm going to add it and possibly replace my librarian links with it, but it's still rather new, so I'll hold off until the roll gets bigger, but it's a good idea, and I'm all for those. I'm gonna go play with my template now.

Here's the button for the blogroll:
--which I can't get to link to Cool Librarian's page so I have had to forgo it in my sidebar.

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Tuesday, July 17, 2007

A sign of things to come?

A girl came up to the desk and explained she was a new student and couldn't log onto our computers. I asked her to try to log on at a new computer so that I could see what message she received when she tried.

I turned my back as she typed in her password. I don't like to hover when someone has to enter a password. I think it's rude to watch. The student drew my attention back when she clicked to log on. It said her password was incorrect.

I asked her if she were sure her username and password were correct. She pulled out the slip of paper she received from ITC with her username and password printed on them. I asked her to try one more time. She did and complained, "I can't get the plus sign to work."

"That is strange maybe the key is malfunctioning. Try the one on the number pad."

She did, finished typing in her password, and hit enter. The computer logged her on.

"I couldn't get the key to work on the other computer either," she told me. I scrunched my eyebrows. It seemed odd that the one key on both keyboards wouldn't work. I asked her to try to log onto the computer beside us. I watched her carefully this time as she entered her username and password.

She held the control key as she hit the +/= key. She did it a couple of times. "See, it won't work here either."

"Um hon, you need to hold the shift key, not the control key when you want to get a plus sign."

"Oh, right..." I smiled at her, and she said thanks.

But the true killer in all this was, I watched her go over to a friend and show him how to use the shift key as well.

If this is an indicator of what the upcoming year will be like, I'm hiding under my desk until winter break.