Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Having Goals

My Life Dreams:
1. Quit school
2. Get on
Girls Gone Wild.
3. Have my baby.
--As seen on a dry erase board in one of our study rooms.

*Sucks was definitely written by someone else later.


Sunday, January 27, 2008


Committed a classic student mistake tonight.

I emailed a document to myself, worked diligently on it for four hours, saving regularly by clicking the save button, closed the document and then realized, I have just lost it.

I hate that. I hate, hate, hate that.

I should've known better. Never rely on emailed documents. Stupid temp files are not dependable. And Word doesn't care that it's saving to a temp file. It'll save and save, and not alert you to the fact that when you close the document, the temp file will delete itself. That's right. It deletes itself. Why does Word not alert you to this? I guess it can't really tell, but come on! There should be some sort of programing possible that will prompt a user to designate the file location and what not. It does it when you create a new document. Why not with a temp file?



Friday, January 25, 2008

Proper attire, what's that?

Happy Villain, over at If I Ran the Universe..., has a great tirade about patrons wearing their pajamas to the library. I was laughing my ass off and thinking, "Dear God, don't ever come to Library X."

I regularly see students walking around in flip flops in below freezing weather, and the kids come here in their jam jams all the time. It's easier to sleep here when properly attired I guess. Sometimes they even bring pillows and blankets. I only know this because they inevitably leave these items for lost and found. I swear some of these kids go around all year wearing shorts, T-shirts, and flip flops. Just to be clear, we get snow here. Not a lot, but it happens. You wouldn't be able to tell by what some students wear.

Just the other night, I was snickering at a girl who paired a heavy fleece pullover with itty bitty grey shorts. The fleece was almost longer than the shorts. And she came in complaining about the cold as she pulled out her wedgies. She may have been wearing Uggs as well. I think somebody still needs her mommy to dress her.

And on a slightly random note, I currently have a laundry basket in lost and found. It's empty, but why is it here? Did we get a washer and dryer that I don't know about? Is that why the students ask for change so much?


Wednesday, January 23, 2008

I Am Not Dead(er)

It's still really slow here at Library X. There's nothing like starting the semester on a Wednesday and then giving the students a three day weekend, but the library is open as usual.

I've been twiddling my thumbs waiting for something monumental to call me out of my cave-icle.

...Nothing's happened yet.

Sunday, January 13, 2008

SEO Hijinks

Here is a list of odd search terms that landed people here.

1. Teen lick armpits - This is just wrong and stop clicking my blog to come here. I'm trying to repress.

2. Make rat poison - With as many people who click here from Google, you'd think I actually had the recipe or something.

3. T-shirt "Yes, I'm a bitch" - It seems there is a shirt, but it says, "Yes, I'm a bitch, just not yours!" I'm not sure what the hell they're getting at there, but I don't think I like it.

4. Make poison everyday - oookay...

5. "I really needed to use the bathroom." - So what happened? Did you go? Did you just get back? Did you wash your hands?

6. Crazy library patron - I got one right here.

7. Dangers of too much sex - I really wish Google made people EXPLAIN why they're searching for what they're searching. What happened? Did it break? Are you feeling light headed? What's making you worry about this?

8. Too dumb to live in Massachusetts - I don't know what this is about, but it made me laugh.


Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Scary Library

Does every library become Scary Library when it closes and turns off the lights?

We're between sessions here at Library X, and we close in the evening instead of staying open our usual 24hrs. I'm the last one in the library every evening. I let the students out, turn out the lights, and then make a mad dash for the elevator, go one floor down (I use the elevator for the light that spills out when it opens), unlock a door, unlock another door, go down a back passage, and then exit onto our loading dock.

My heart is beating like an epileptic hummingbird until I set foot in the loading dock. It's insane. I know this. I tell myself this every night as I scurry out, but damn, the library makes a lot of noises as soon as the lights go out. I'm peering into the shadows, jumping at dark objects, and convinced that tonight, the guy with the chainsaw has managed to hide and wait for me. And he's even scarier now because the lights are out.

But I'm not afraid of the dark! As soon as I'm out of Library X, I'm fine. Sheesh, I leave work at 1AM every night during the semester. I stroll out without a care. I go grocery shopping. I don't care. It doesn't bother me. I've been in other buildings at all hours by myself and never batted an eyelash. But as soon as the lights go out in Library X, my little hummingbird wakes up and goes into convulsions. It's stupid, but I can't stop it. That guy with the chainsaw is lurking in a dark corner. I just know it.

Sad to say, but this is the reason they give me things like the Maglite. I am a WUSS.