Monday, August 15, 2005


We're in a serious crunch to get the library up to snuff for the fall semester. We have one week left, and the staff is seriously stretched thin.

We have two full-time positions empty, one full-time person is out on vacation (can't blame him. Intersession is literally the only time he's allowed to take off), and everyone is being pulled in a hundred different directions.

I'm covering for the co-worker who's on vacation, trying to help collection development gather graphic novel titles to add to the collection (any recommendations would be super), need to go down and measure shelves to see how much shelving linear feet are taken up by a particular collection so they can be moved to another library, then arrange to get them moved (could be doing that myself), hammer out a new and improved laptop circulation policy, unify equipment records, possibly help with reserves, cover the circ desk, and wrangle periodicals.

I am so looking forward to the calm of the overnight. Less than two weeks to go.


Anonymous Spike said...

Sounds hectic. Good luck.

BTW, I finally realised it was your mother not Suzanne's who used to nick plants with a shovel. Only took me a few months for the penny to drop :)

12:28 AM, August 16, 2005  

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