Thursday, July 07, 2005

On Vacation

Sorry for no new posts. It has been dreadfully quiet here. It's so quiet in fact that two of my co-workers have volunteered to do work over in cataloging for a few hours each day. It's been that quiet.

All the excitement will happen next week I'm sure since I'll be on vacation. Last time I was on vacation, a patron threw a newspaper rod at one of my co-workers, and there was a mini-skirmish between a group of adolescents and some of the homeless.

If the place gets set on fire, I won't be surprised.

I'll be gone for ten days. I'll be online some, but there won't be any new posts, unless something really noteworthy happens on vacation. I doubt it, but you never know.



I just came across a blog of an old college chum which is highly interesting and terribly well written.

The Convent Files is a peek into the life of Sister Joy, a novice Handmaid. I remember Joy from college and remember her talking about becoming a nun. I was amazed by her contemplation of the option, considering she was not raised Catholic, and because I'm agnostic, so the whole idea is kind of incomprehensible to me, but she's firmly on her way, and I wish her nothing but goodwill and love. I can tell that this has improved her life tremendously and that makes me happy.

Of course, I've also placed her in my list of interesting blogs.


Blogger Snooze said...

Enjoy your vacation!

8:04 PM, July 07, 2005  
Anonymous Spike said...

Yep. You thoroughly deserve it.

7:05 AM, July 08, 2005  

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