Wednesday, June 08, 2005

PSA for Students #3

Sigh. Classes aren't even in session and yet here we are.

RESERVES: Items selected by an instructor to be placed on a shortened circulation period so that all students in class(es) may have access to materials.

The most popular loan period is two hours in-library use, though some materials may have longer loan periods. Please pay attention to the library employee when he or she tells you when the material is due and look at the pink slip we put in the book telling you when the book is due. If a book is only two hours in-library use, it means, you can look at the book for two hours IN the library. You may not leave with the book. You may not keep it for more than two hours. It is possible that you can renew if no other students have been asking for the book, but otherwise, it's a dollar an hour that it's overdue.

Just because the class is over, does not mean the book automatically comes off reserve, and it does not mean we will forgive the fine.

If you checked it out before the class was over, that means other people in your class may have wanted the book. Just because the class is now over, does not mean we will forgive the fine.

You should have remembered to return the reserve materials before leaving town. You will have to mail them back or deliver them yourself. You're lucky the maximum fine is $20 for an item.

Insisting that no one else needed the book is not a valid excuse.

And let me repeat, your instructor put this material on reserve. We didn't decide to do it. Talk to your instructor if you want to argue the fine. Maybe instead of making you pay, he or she will dock a letter grade. Would you prefer that?



Blogger CW said...

I feel your pain, Vampire Librarian! We have the same scenario here and sometimes it is not just the students with the silly excuses - what do you say to a Professor (yes, capital P professor ;) ) who is quibbling over their $15 fine for returning something with 6 students waiting for it, late?

12:18 AM, June 12, 2005  
Blogger disgruntled world citizen said...

But, wait a second... you mean I have to bring it back? Wha? Aww,man....

5:33 PM, June 13, 2005  

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