Thursday, February 28, 2008

PSA for Students #12

Leaving your laptop on a table in Library X is not the same as leaving it in your apartment, unless you leave your door open and a trail of dollar bills to the laptop.

Leaving your laptop here while you go to dinner is not smart. Saying you've done it lots of times, just means you are lots of stupid. Don't get affronted if I'm not shocked and saddened when you report your laptop stolen. I'll call the police for you, but I'm not going to let you cry on my shoulder.

You shouldn't have left your laptop here, and no, we won't watch your laptop. You have to take it with you. If you don't want to carry it, then leave it at home, lock the door, and pick up all that money that's strewn about.

That is all.



Anonymous Dances With Books said...

Ah, stupid people who leave their stuff unattended. Definitely deserve to get it stolen. Just yesterday I had some lady wanting to leave her backpack with me at the reference desk while she went out to her car to get who knows what. I told her I could not watch it, not my responsibility. Plus what if I had to leave the desk to help some other patron? She gave me the evil eye, but she did take her wheeled bag with her. What is it with people having no common sense?

9:34 AM, February 29, 2008  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

my favorites are the people that leave their purse sitting out. do they have a neon sign flashing in their window with their PIN and social security numbers too?? they act surprised that someone might actually walk off with it, 'but we're in a college!' right. and no desperate college student ever did anything shady to pay bills. ever.

my friend says that these people just haven't had enough bad stuff happen to them. i'd never wish ill will on anyone but really, never had to worry about your money walking away??

11:05 AM, February 29, 2008  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

maybe you should sell all the stuff people left in the library and then not only you teach them a lesson,but you can also go on a nice vacation.liron

4:05 PM, February 29, 2008  
Blogger Vampire Librarian said...

I always feel bad for the cops that have to take the reports. They're shaking their heads the whole time in this tired way. They've heard this story hundreds of times.

Students always act like we should watch their stuff or keep it behind the desk. We won't do it because we'd get buried under everyone's junk.

5:41 PM, February 29, 2008  
Blogger Katya said...

We also get this all the time. I don't understand it. Students leave their ipods, laptops and everything else lying around -- like noone would dare take it. We have signs up everywhere saying we will not watch their stuff, but it doesn't help.

5:44 PM, February 29, 2008  
Blogger Julie said...

A funny one in my library is that, at the end of the semester, people will actually steal each other's textbooks from study tables to turn in for the measly $10 or so the bookstore will give during buy-back. We had to go around and put little signs alerting the students to this fact on all of the tables, but I doubt anyone read them.

As I write this, I am staring across the reference desk at a table covered in unattended coats and bags. I feel like "stealing" them, just to make a point.

12:14 PM, March 01, 2008  
Blogger Vampire Librarian said...


The same thing happens here. Textbook season is book stealing season.

When I went to the area where the guy's laptop was stolen, I saw five or six other unattended laptops. Don't know why those were left alone.

5:35 PM, March 01, 2008  
Blogger Gardenbuzzy said...

We have doctors leaving all manner of items in our little library. Mostly they will come back to retrieve them when they realize that they forgot them, but sometimes they don't. I have a thumb drive in my office right now that someone left, something like 2 weeks ago. We get cell phones, pagers, books checked out from the main library, lunch containers, once an overnight bag with toothbrush, toothpaste, deodorant, snacks, and aftershave with a provocative name (I don't remember what it was by now). I even have a pediatric stethoscope in my desk drawer that has been here longer than I have. Amazing. You'd think the overnight bag owner would have needed at least some of the things inside and would have come back for it.

1:38 PM, March 03, 2008  

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