Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Are you being robbed?

This is what UPD asked me when they came in tonight.

I looked around, didn't see anyone in ski masks so turned back, and said, "Huh?"

The officers stepped back and radioed dispatch for clarification. I looked at the student assistant, and she shrugged her shoulders. I know that I'm not very observant at times, but she should've noticed if we were being held up.

A student then rushed up to the officers and pointed at someone else on the floor and pulled the officers toward him. They stopped the excited student and spoke to him. I figured out he must've been the one to call the police, but I didn't know why.

UPD spoke to the hyper student for a few more minutes and then approached the other student and asked him to step outside with them. The hyper student was left behind.

Ten minutes later, UPD came back in to speak to me.

"We have a student in custody who stole two drinks from the drink machine on this floor, which another student observed and called-in. Does the library control the vending machines and would the library like to press charges?"

I shook my head and told them that UZ Dining controlled the vending machines, and I had no idea if the library would like to press charges or not, though I was leaning more toward not. I figured the fact that police showed up to speak to this student, was more than enough to make our petty thief never ever rock a vending machine again.

UPD contacted UZ Dining and worked out a plan with them. They wouldn't press charges if the student paid for the two drinks that he stole and wrote a signed letter of apology to UZ Dining. Seems very fair to me.

It seems the student who made the call did it through 911, and the message may have gotten a little garbled from one system to the next, or by judging by the student caller's demeanor, he may have overstated the crime a tad.

Stealing from the vending machines is wrong, but the vending machines steal from the students all the time. It's hard for us to get outraged when either happens.

Another lovely question I got tonight:

Do you have wireless cables?




Blogger Spike said...

Do you have wireless cables?

And these peeps passed the uni entry exam.

11:58 PM, April 05, 2006  
Blogger Cat. said...

I was giggling through the vending machine story, then almost fell off my chair at the wireless cables question.

I've had people FURIOUS with me because they couldn't connect with our wireless network...oops, they don't have a wireless card in their laptop.

And on we go. Thanks for the chuckle.

8:08 AM, April 06, 2006  
Blogger MadameBoffin said...

hehe what Spike said :)

And here's to overzealous students who seem to equate an extra can of Coke with a bank heist!

9:09 AM, April 06, 2006  
Blogger Emily said...

Hilarious! Just wanted to comment and say I really enjoy your blog.

Wireless cables...that's great.

10:50 AM, April 07, 2006  
Blogger Inexplicable DeVice said...

At least ther hyperactive student knows the difference between right and wrong. Now he just needs to find his common sense : )

Wireless cables indeed...

3:16 PM, April 07, 2006  
Blogger Katya said...

That was too funny and I love wireless cables! I have students come and ask me for cables all the time and I don't know what to say to them because they can either use the cables that are connected to the tables or connect through the wireless so I'm clueless as to why they asking me for cables.

3:22 PM, April 08, 2006  

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