Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Request and Regret

After much whining, I finally got security to agree to visit my library during the overnight. I don't know why we were never on their patrol route before, but now they come in and occasionally patrol the building. Of course, when you get what you want, you instantly regret it.

There's this security guard who my co-vampire and I can't stand. Let's call him Tommy because I can't recall his name. Tommy looks like a lump of saggy dough with no chin. Attractive, right? I tried to give Tommy the benefit of the doubt. Yes, his appearance mildly repulsed me, but I figured his personality would make up for it. His personality is like a lump of saggy dough, too.

Tommy does not know how to have casual conversation. He comes into the library, bellies up to the circ desk, and precedes to have the exact same conversation with us he had with us two hours ago, four hours ago, last night, the night before, since the first time we met him. And the conversation is basically him trying to make us admit that we don't do any work. It pisses me off. And if that weren't bad enough, he doesn't know when to leave. He stands there after asking us the same tired and annoying questions and just watches us for an indeterminate amount of time. I want to make gentle shooing motions and say, "Okay, conversation over now, you can go walk around the building."

I don't even think he does a real patrol anyway. One morning, a co-worker came in and said one of the fire alarm doors was going off in the back stairwell. She'd turned it off, but just wanted to let us know. I looked at my co-vampire and said, "Didn't Tommy go down to patrol less than an hour ago?" She nodded her head. If he'd really walked through the floor, he would've heard that alarm. True, it may have been tripped after he'd patrolled, but because I'm feeling ungenerous, I'm not going to give him much benefit of the doubt. If only he didn't insist on talking to us or staring at us or even stopping as he goes down to check the floors. A wave would suffice. Heesh, he just irks the hell out of me.


Blogger Spike said...

Tommy looks like a lump of saggy dough with no chin ... does not know how to have casual conversation.

They have a stamp somewhere where they stamp these guys out. I swear this is the same guy who was the security guard where I used to work. We called him Spud Murphy because of the saggy shapeless thing. Not to mention the same fucking conversation thing. I feel your pain.

1:55 AM, September 23, 2005  
Blogger Spider Girl said...

Oh....yes, my yes. I remember the scintillating conversations when I worked night shift at a convenience store. Only my Tommy liked to impress me with dirty jokes. The hours simply flew by.

Oh, the humanity.

8:53 PM, October 04, 2005  
Blogger CRAZYASHELL said...

I believe I work at library X with you. Why don't you and co-vampire make "Tommy" some bake goods with laxatives inside. I guarantee you he won't have too much to say to you two in the future:))

4:54 PM, October 07, 2005  

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