Sunday, December 17, 2006

CSI: Library X

We had our very own CSI incident in Library X tonight!

A student's laptop was stolen earlier in the evening. It was a classic snatch and take. The student left it unattended for thirty minutes to get some dinner, which was stupid of him. He reported it stolen to me, and I called the cops for him. Police came and took a report. As he's talking to the police, a friend reports that the thief has IMed as the victim some of his friends asking them for the victim's passwords. None of them gave the thief the passwords, but it's rather alarming that the thief is contacting the victim's friends.

A little later, another student turns in a laptop. He says it was outside Big Research Library. For some reason, he thinks it's Library X's laptop. The laptop looks like the laptop that the victim described. I turn it on and find a resume with the victim's name. The victim is still around so I am able to reunite him with the laptop. At first glance, he says it isn't his laptop because the wallpaper and toolbar are different, but I still have the resume up and point it out to him. He takes a closer look and realizes it is his laptop, but a lot of the settings have been changed.

As he's looking it over, he reports that some stuff has been deleted, settings changed, and his Itunes won't open anymore which could potentially have credit card information. He calls the officer back to report the laptop returned but tampered with, and the officer tells him to not touch it anymore that he's going to have the laptop fingerprinted.

The officer returns with a lab tech and another officer. They brush the laptop for fingerprints right on circulation desk. Students coming and going are bottlenecking to watch the process. The laptop is black, so they use white powder to pick up prints and then use black powder on the white power cord. It's pretty cool to watch.

Once they're done, they let the student have his laptop back.

So that was our little CSI moment. I may or may not have pretended to be Catherine Willows for the rest of the evening.

Well, that's the last for me till next year. I am on BREAK. I don't go back till early January. Hope you all have a lovely holiday season. Bye!


Blogger Happy Villain said...

WOW, the newest addition to the dynasty... "CSI: Library X!" Which song by The Who do you want to play on your show? Would you play yourself or would another actress play you?

Have a good break and a wonderful holiday!

1:01 AM, December 18, 2006  
Blogger Spike said...

What fun! I woulda pretended to be the nervous CSI guy with the dunny-brush haircut.

Merry Festivus.

12:54 AM, December 22, 2006  
Blogger Inexplicable DeVice said...

Merry Christmas to my favourite Vampire!

3:30 PM, December 25, 2006  
Blogger Inexplicable DeVice said...

And a Happy New Year, too!

12:53 PM, December 31, 2006  
Blogger Howard said...

Hope you had a lovely break and that th contents of your library haven't been pinched while you nipped out for some lunch.

2:38 AM, January 02, 2007  

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