Monday, September 04, 2006

It's Started

On Sunday, I arrived to be told:

1. A trash can was on fire.
2. A bathroom was flooding.
3. A printer was spitting out plastic. (Seriously)

Ah yes, school is officially in full swing. (I really wanted to type fool spring, which seems sort of apropos.)

As the evening progressed, I had:

1. One student asst not show up, which meant I was alone for a couple of hours.
2. A piece of ceiling unhook and dangle and a hanging display fall to the ground.
3. The UZ debit machine break.
4. Someone use the broken bathroom, never mind the 'Out of Order' sign or the large puddle of water in front of the door.

I hope tonight is quieter, though I've already had problems again with printing, the debit machine, and I kicked out one group of kids. It's 5:15pm. Only 7hrs and 45mins to go...


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