Sunday, April 23, 2006

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The following articles were written for the student paper. I thought you all might be interested in reading them.

Library X
By Associate Editor

"I created a Library X Myspace group in an effort to bring together all types of aficionados of Library X so we could unite in our passion for that library," first-year College student Mark Cohen said.

Not many libraries can boast that kind of affection.

"It's very hospitable for people who have various studying needs," Cohen said. "Group projects on the fourth floor are always well-received. And individual studying can be done pretty efficiently on the first and second floors."

Cohen said his affection for the library extends even further. He wrote a literary piece for the Literary Society and Debating Union on Library X, calling it "a topic very near and dear to my heart, a subject on which I have infinite affection."

Cohen is not the only person who feels that Library X is a great library on campus.

"I pretty much always go to Library X," first-year College student Dave Rob said. "I haven't been to any of the other libraries except one. I like the atmosphere in Library X -- it just makes you work."

Cohen has also noticed this environment.

"I feel like there's a better motivational atmosphere in Library X than, say, the humanities library or the library of fine arts," Cohen said.

In addition, Library X lovers cite other reasons for preferring this particular library.

"It's a perfect spot for socializing because of the Media Center, which is a great place to meet new friends by comparing your similar movie interests," Cohen said.

However, there are those that disagree.

"The one time I went to Library X, it was for an exam," first-year College student Adam Neider said. "I couldn't study there because it was really loud. And there were people streaking so it didn't really work out."

Huge Research Library

By Another Associate Editor

"I like the Huge Research Library firstly because it is not Library X," third-year College student Sara Muyo said. "It is much quieter in the Huge Research Library and there is much more of a studying atmosphere."

Third-year College student Yasemin Brown said she relates the more studious nature of the Huge Research Library to the make-up of the student body that chooses to study there.

"Unlike Library X, or The Science and Engineering Library even, which is mostly undergrads, the Huge Research Library has a large amount of graduate students who study there," Brown said. "Whether it is for office hours, or for their own research, graduate students mostly come to the Huge Research Library which makes it a little less focused on the socializing."

Brown said the Huge Research Library is able to provide the students with various settings for studying despite its reputation of being the quieter library.

"The Huge Research Library is great if you want different levels of intensity at different times," Muyo said. "If you want it to be really, really quiet then you go to the stacks, and if you want a little bit more relaxed atmosphere then you can hang around the café since there are always people around."

Muyo said she observed students of different majors choosing different libraries.

"I think you can definitely see that Comm school kids prefer Library X since they need to work on group projects and a lot of liberal arts majors like English and politics come to the Huge Research Library," she said. "And then of course all the science and engineering students go to the Science and Engineering Library or the E-school library."

While the Huge Research Library is her favorite library, Muyo said there are also downsides.

"The thing is you can only stay at the Huge Research Library until midnight," Muyo said. "And honestly college is the time for all-nighters, especially during finals, and having to move from one library to another with millions of books, coffee mugs and a laptop is not too pleasant."

Yeah, and guess where’s she’s going at midnight? Library X.

There were two other articles, but only the Huge Research Library felt the need to bash Library X while singing its own praises, and why'd we have to have someone talk about not liking our library in our own article? I’ve been told there is something of a rivalry among students between the two libraries. I find that amusing.

One thing we’ve found interesting is that no one mentions the book collections in any of these articles about the libraries. They only care about the study space. I think that’s very telling.


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b-booooo... boooooookssss? What be they? Something that predates .pdf and email?? ;)

You guys should set up some kind of game, like a footy game or a tug of war - teams represent each library and you should duke it out for the title of ULTIMATE LIBRARY!!

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