Tuesday, February 01, 2005

NBC’s The Medium

I like this show! It’s been years since I had something I made the effort to catch. The whole cast is appealing esp. Arquette and Weber. I really like the tension in their characters’ relationship and how they deal with it day-by-day. Another thing I like, and I know it’s superficial, but I like the fact that Arquette has curves. She looks like a mom of three and not a supermodel. I just hope she doesn’t start wasting away like other starlets who get a successful television show. (I’m looking at you Sarah Michelle Gellar, Laura Flynn Boyle, and Calista Flockhart.) Please keep eating healthy Arquette. Oh, and Weber’s really handsome too. I like his hair.

You know it’s funny. I really like this show, but hate with a passion any ‘real’ psychics that I see in the media. God, I want to kick in the television when I come across that Sylvia Brown witch on Montel, and John Edward is the spawn of the devil. I don’t believe they have any true extrasensory perception, and I hate how they prey on other people’s weaknesses to promote themselves. Yes, ESP, ghosts, miracles are all lovely things to imagine, but I think we do ourselves a real disservice by accepting what these ‘psychics’ claim and don’t truly test their claims. Bottom line, I hate charlatans, and not one of these ‘psychics’ has yet to convince me they’re otherwise. There’s a psychic detective show on cable I keep meaning to try to see if those people are anymore believable, but haven’t had a chance yet.

Anyway, I’m happy to go along with the fantastical elements in Medium, and I hope they play more with the ambiguity of Allison’s visions. I thought it was great that the killer in the second episode that Allison kept picturing wasn’t the real killer’s face, but the face she gleaned off the cover of a menu she’d seen several times. The subconscious and the power of suggestion would be interesting things for Allison to deal with. She seems to take some of her visions too much at face value, which proved to be wrong of her like tonight’s episode proved when she thought Joe was cheating on her when he wasn’t, and I just realized I’m probably thinking exactly what the writers want me to think. Oh well, I guess I’m being manipulated, but I’m happy.



Anonymous Kelly G said...

Just found your blog via Librarian Ettiquette.

As a librarian who sometimes longs to leave government agency/special library work to go back to academe -- it's always good to read why I don't want to do that after all :)
I love the Medium as well -- although the past few have really gotten strange. The latest mess where Allison thought that perhaps she was just picking up on a guy's twisted daydreams: where the man had no rememberance of his past and his wife hid the fact that she was a pro when she met him YIKES talk about living in denial and leaving my head spinnning!

4:08 PM, February 13, 2006  

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